Vomiting during pregnancy, commonly known as morning sickness, which doesn’t necessary happen in the morning but anytime of the day. It usually happens during 7-11 weeks of pregnancy, but some may experience it earlier or later.

Symptoms include: change of taste of food including food that you usually adore, lost of appetite, nausea, headache, thirsty, constipation, drowsiness, and sensitive to certain taste of food, etc.  Rule of thumb is when experiencing severe vomiting, keep yourself hydrated.  Below are 9 strategies to fight against morning sickness:

Drink sparkling water, ice cubes, and herbal tea

To keep yourself hydrated, fresh sparking water, Sprite with ice or herbal tea would be the best choices for you now. The key is try to drink zero calorie drink such as sparking water.

When you feel like eating, eat what you like to eat

Don’t over stress that your baby is not getting enough nutrition since you are not taking in more than your normal portion even before you got pregnant, plus you are throwing up. Baby will still absorb what it needs from you regardless. Eat when you can and when you feel like to. Eat what you like, simple as a slice of bread, rice, nuts or crackers would do the tricks.

Replenish liquid little by little

Some women vomit whenever they eat. Moms with this symptom should drink liquid little by little. Milk, sport drink or juice, any liquid helps! Drink slowly and keep zipping it when you can. If you can’t drink any liquid, check with doctor.

Wear loose clothes

It’s time to put away your fitted tee or tank and upsize your bra. Wearing loose clothes or pregnancy clothing helps with blood flow and will eventually relieve your nausea.

Create a new recipe list

Replace your regular meals with light soup, such as chicken noodle soup or miso soup. If soup doesn’t work for you, add some lemon juice or vinegar to your meal.  Eating refrigerated fruits of your choice or meals that are already cooled down are helpful too.

Keep your favorite chewing gums next to you

Chewing gums helps relieve stress and light up your mood. Find your favorite taste of gums and keep it near you. There are even tastes like coffee beans or ginger.

Heat up your favorite fragrance oil

Replace your strong scent fragrance or scented products for bathroom with light fragrance oil. You may heat it up or simply just tap it to your neck. Let your invigorating scent surround you. (Warning: some fragrance oil such as cinnamon, jasmine, sage, fennel and lemon grass are not suitable for pregnant women. Check with before applying.)

Shorten your commute time or work time

Getting substantial amount of time to rest is crucial for early stage of pregnancy. Avoid long commute or cut off work hours to get the rest that you and your baby need will foster a healthy pregnancy for both of you.

Practice Yoga or stretching your body everyday

These exercises help with blood circulation, which is what you would need the most during pregnancy. Study showed that it significantly helps improving morning sickness. The best time to do these exercises is in the morning or before bedtime.

When approaching to 20 weeks of pregnancy, vomiting symptoms should disappear and you would be able to fully enjoy carrying a baby. Rock, Baby!